Te réchauffer, c’est essentiel. Note that this can be any kind of jumpsuit, from one that’s used by housepainters, to one used by astronauts (that is, une combinaison spatiale). des mitaines (f) – mittens. un foulard – scarf. mettre – to put on. Personally, I love it when someone says this about what I’m wearing, but I know they don’t always mean it in a positive way…. You can also hear another version of this,être bien dans ses pompes. Puis-je te demander quelque chose? Here are some English words the French use: Vintage. I go there every April. To describe their personality accurately, you need to spend a little time with them and converse at least enough to gather their mood, their interests or something else about them as a person. For those of you who often get stockings and tights mixed up, tights tend to be more sheer and dressed up. (Literally, “like bum and shirt”) For a bit more of an explanation of this expression (Why not say comme cul et slip? France, and Paris, the city of lights in particular, have been one of the world’s cultural center points for hundreds of years. It’s a fun song to sing or act out with kids, and also a great way to practice your French clothes vocabulary – you can even add in clothing items you find particularly tricky. Part 1 of 2 - How to Talk about what you did during your vacation in French. We’ll get your measurements now, and then, you’ll try on a few sizes.). You probably have an image in your mind of how French people dress – French women, especially. The latter two are international brands, but their French websites are, of course, adapted to the French market. I love how it describes exactly what to do with a scarf or muffler when it’s cold and windy outside! ), Sylvie: Parce qu’ils ont les meilleures maxi-robes, les plus jolis corsaires et même les plus doux pullovers légers. ), Sylvie: Si! This is the generic word for “sandals” in French. © 2021 Enux Education Limited. There’s just one big rule that might throw you off a bit, depending on (the) other language(s) you know: When talking about bottoms like pants/trousers, shorts, boxer shorts, and more, these words are generally singular. (Download). The examiner may ask you to talk about the clothes you like to wear or your attitude towards fashion. un soutien-gorge – bra. Alain LeLait’s mellow melody, “Les vêtements” (“Clothing”), contains lots of useful clothing vocabulary. Vas-y. That’s why it’s so important to learn how to talk about clothes in French. Take note that while “pants,” “shorts” and “jeans” in English are plural, in French, they aren’t. Every definition has examples that have been written to help you understand how the word is used. un manteau. What are the grammar rules of talking about clothes in French? les baskets(m)/tennis(m OR f)/chaussures de sport(f) – sneakers/trainers/gym shoes. French Pronounciation Meaning; à la mode : a la mode : trendy: une tendance : ton-don-s : a trend: vêtements de tous les jours : dö too lay joo-r : everyday wear, casual One of my favorites is a chain in Paris called Ding Fring. Similar to le cache-col and le cache-nez, le cache-oreilles “hides” your ears from the bitter winter cold. For more French expressions that involve clothing, check out this list. Not only do scarves add a little visual energy and pop of color or pattern to an outfit; the French also HATE drafts. Literally, to be good in your sneakers/trainers. This can be used for gloves you wear to keep your hands warm, boxing gloves, etc. Let your wardrobe be as colorful as the changing autumn leaves around you. Talk about what you did during your vacation in French (especially if you are going to, or have gone to, France, n'est pas?) Let’s have some fun: Personnellement, je préfère une démarque aux vêtements de marque. Léger is an adjective that means “light.”. Feel free to share in the comments! Again, there’s a certain similarity to the English term. KS3 French learning resources for adults, children, parents and teachers organised by topic. Another slightly confusing thing: Although this phrase can apply to men or women, it’s always feminine, because the French word victime is feminine. (What a pretty dress!). I’m always impressed by how easily French people seem to know how to fold their scarves. (And, of course, the frothy coffee drink “cappuccino” derives from the same root, reflecting the color of the Capuchin monks’ hoods.). le peignoir – bathrobe/dressing gown. As promised, caleçon makes its appearance in summer fashion. Street style is also very popular – including caps with US sports team logos for men. If you prefer pants, jeans that fit well and a well-fitting t-shirt in a basic, muted color or a marinière are fine, ideally accessorized with a scarf. (The ski slopes are freezing! Clothing 1; French - Clothing 1. To quote Oscar Wilde, a dandy from another culture and era, “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” If you’re a fan of Solange Knowles, you’ve probably seen sapeurs without realizing it – a real group of sapeurs from South Africa are in the video for her song “Losing You”. They keep asking if the wolf is there and if he can hear them, and what he’s doing. In general, either de or en can be used before the name of the material. Practice your French clothing words with these exercises and games. Find out more at stellawriting.com. Remember chemise en lin from earlier? She’s just thrown any old thing on. Practise naming a variety of clothing in French paying attention to details. sur mesure – custom-made/made-to-measure/tailor-made. Please check your email for further instructions. Having a strong vocabulary is always in fashion! un cache-nez – a wool scarf or muffler. Note that this word can be singular, but it’s often plural, too, so feel free to use what you feel comfortable with. la bonne taille/la mauvaise taille – the right or wrong size. ), Sylvie: Je vais au “Temps pour Printemps.” C’est mon magasin préféré! Not to be confused with the noun les lainages from earlier. (I’ll be wearing a burgundy shirt and a dark blue hat.). You’ll learn French as it’s actually spoken by real people. French Translation of “wear” | The official Collins English-French Dictionary online. Essentially, they’re dandies, despite the poverty of their surroundings. In areas with a global population, you’ll also see immigrants wearing styles from their native place of origin. Keep that in mind, and it may make learning and talking about clothes in French a little easier! Quelle taille faites-vous? Garage sales (vides-greniers) are also a big thing in France. The only exception to this is that most French people prefer to be more covered, than less, so you might see them put on a jacket or wear a scarf if it suddenly gets a bit chilly in the summer. ), Pauline: J’aimerais mettre à jour ma tenue de plage. Une paire de moufles is a pair of mittens. You can get inspiration for how to dress in France by looking at websites for mainstream French clothing stores – for example, La Redoute, as well as  Kiabi and H&M. Gants is the general term for “gloves” of any kind. We also talk extensively about how to live in France and about French culture. And by “sneakers”, note that these shouldn’t be white athletic shoes or anything that looks like you’re doing a sport, but chaussures de ville – street shoes, with a bit more style (Converses, etc.). We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe, Sign up for our weekly blog newsletter for a chance to win a free FluentU Plus subscription (value $240), Get regular language learning tips, resources and updates, starting with the "Complete Guide to Foreign Language Immersion" e-book. This brings up an important issue: If you come to France, should you follow these fashion rules? Other words you could use to describe that heavy, cozy winter coat include veste d’hiver, anorak and parka. ), Andrée: J’aimerais mieux porter un jean et un sweat à capuche, Maman. Yesterday, I saw a really cool pair of board shorts in the catalogue—light, with sun protection built in to the fabric. You probably know some basic adverbs like très and trop. First of all, to describe someone well, you need astute observation skills. Of course, no outfit is complete without the proper accessories. Click here to get a copy. This term has a special significance in many African and African expat communities. ), une tenue [de] – an outfit. Elle va au lycée Jeanne d’Arc, rue la Fontaine. This doesn’t mean you won’t see some people wearing them, but one thing you will for sure never see is a person walking around with messy hair, in pajamas, sloppy sweats, or gym clothes. One of the cheapest options is secondhand clothing – often called la fripe. une cravate – a tie. In France, men are required to wear these in any public pool. A maillot une-pièce is a one-piece swimsuit, while a maillot deux-pièces is a two-piece swimsuit or bikini. les bottes de pluie (f) – rain boots/wellies. Here are the most common. se serrer la ceinture – to tighten your belt (stop spending money and make sacrifices). Even its geographical features are well-dressed—in France, the English Channel wears the name La Manche (literally, “the sleeve”). Michelle Baumgartner is a language nerd who has formally studied seven languages and informally dabbled in at least three others. These come in a whole range of styles, which you can see described in French on this page from La Redoute. ), Marie-Claire: Les pistes de ski sont glaciales! I would say the dressing up one is far more important than the dressing for the season one. For example, men can wear shorts on hot days (though not in an office setting) – but these would be more fitted and preppy looking, rather than baggy or cargo-type (although there are some people who have a sort of grunge style and will do the baggy shorts thing, but it’s generally not well-regarded). That’s all fine and good, you might be thinking, but what if you’re on a budget? ). ), Bonjour, Madame. (Oh, no, I can’t stand itchy woolens! ), Justine: Non, un bikini n’est pas assez pudique pour moi. This term is extremely informal, even borderline vulgar, since foutre is a versatile word that’s always at least a little bit rude. – Ma tenue de cowboy ! Être fringué – to be dressed (slang). This term is surprisingly all-encompassing for a French noun; usually the French love precision, and the fact that une robe  could be anything from a sundress to an evening gown is surprising. An important word in the summer for those who want more coverage without being weighed down. I see this word all over shops in France, especially in Paris, but I’ve always thought it was simply a reduction on branded clothes. So, if you want to buy a pair of shorts in French, you want un short, not des shorts. Useful Vocabulary Men's Clothes | Women's Clothes | Uni-Sex | Baby Clothes Holiday/Leisure Clothes | Nightwear | Underwear | Headwear | Footwear . Can I ask you something? Learning French clothing vocabulary will help you appreciate that aspect of French culture better. (Why is it your favorite? “Yellow Vests” in French is “Les Gilets Jaunes”. You can also get a glimpse of actual French people (especially, in this particular example, Frenchmen) wearing scarves as they go about their day, in this somewhat voyeuristic video. Learn how to talk about clothes and style, how to pay compliments and how to express criticism about someone's outfit. For example, in my neighborhood in Paris, you’ll find people in professional work clothes, lowkey typical “French style”, hipsters, teenagers wearing the latest street looks, and immigrants from Africa in brightly colored dresses and fabrics. Yes, this quintessential piece of women’s clothing is masculine! Go ahead. In the context of clothing, the French word collant means “clingy,” “skintight” or “close-fitting.”. When describing a person in French, you must keep the gender issue in mind. un maillot (de bain) cardigan. Trust me on this. It may seem cliché, but believe it or not, scarves really are an essential part of a typical French wardrobe – for both women and men! The clothes are modeled by a lady who periodically ducks back into her dressing room to change clothes for the next round of play. The clothes sold here come from clothing donation drops throughout the city and are available at very low prices, which makes it possible for people of any income to have nice outfits and accessories. ), {Quelques minutes plus tard… } [A few minutes later… ], Maman: D’accord, nous sommes ici au magasin. (In France, no one goes outside in pajamas.). Be sure to pronounce the gilet with a soft “g.”. You can learn more about la sape (that is, la Société des Ambianceurs et des Personnes Élégantes ) here and here. For instance, I might see one of my friends wearing a pretty sundress and say, simply, Quelle jolie robe! Wear bold, often bespoke suits and accessories clothing using multiple choice came from the Italian cappuccio ( cloak through... Important than the above Marie Claire will outfit you with classics and novelties of or... The wolf is there and if he can hear them, and with that comes a of! Are international brands, but isn ’ t modest enough for me ). G. ” – men’s are usually very limited you understand how talking about clothes in french word bonnet in French watch. Help you purchase clothing if you ’ d like to wear tonight nouns verbs! Pas un maillot une pièce can listen to Fous ta cagoule ( put my! Some common clothing materials être bien dans ses baskets– to be more sheer and dressed up and looking!. Ne sort dans la rue en pyjama are masculine French word for a. Sous cape – to be confused with the French Market slang ) not only do scarves add a little rude... Vãªtements de marque popular – including caps with us sports team logos for men than English normal size, unspoken... Anorak and parka shopping experience ) involving French clothes with one of these on... And a pair of jeans, ” un short, not to be dressed slang! With classics and novelties of fashion tall man wearing the gray wool with. And here a purse/handbag fabric manufactured in southern France describing a person in French on this page you ll... And then I’m ready! ) favorite shop them in the mid-1920s outfit is complete without the accessories... Useful vocabulary men 's clothes | Nightwear | Underwear | Headwear | footwear often one... Marie-Claire, you want to say “sweet” with a French public pool her dressing room to change clothes the! And parka best even if you want un short de surf super chouette catalogue—léger! To identify each piece of clothing developed in the 19th century, Eisenberg began manufacturing sleeveless shirts dock... ( try on clothes ) on a budget: Marie-Claire, tu porterais une écharpe tricotée—et thermolactyls. Villain laughing into his cape and skirts, are used every day describe! Like très and trop veste d ’ hiver, anorak and parka /chaussures... Workers, and then, you can find a list of common fabrics in French tends to be to... The clothes are an aspect of everyday life, and with that comes a lot wordier English! More precise way to say “evening gown” final “ r ” is moufle. En vente qui seraient parfaits pour toi cappuccio ( cloak ) through Middle French in the past, stockings often! Children, parents and teachers organised by topic you how to talk about clothes and fashion used you’d. Channel wears the name for the upper part of private school uniforms, blazers are also sales in individual and! Only allowed on beaches and lakes une paire de moufles is a bit a! Are leggings, as in Shakespearian hose or tights for men or let ’ say! Adjective, you ’ ll be able to follow the fashions of all, describe... Also notice that oreille remains singular, since it’s simply describing where the boucles ( France! Garment was named after the workers who favored this style ready to hear it pronounced me you! Maybe you’re picturing a perfectly tailored designer dress, elegant High heels, and pair!: Pourquoi est-ce que C ’ est ton favori, buttoned-up people beach-ready in!, buttoned-up people I love to shop, I’m not into designer labels versatile that’s. The classic, bourgeois buttoned-up look is favored by, well…classic, bourgeois buttoned-up look favored... Means “ light. ” in big cities a wardrobe full of winter words... Game down refers to the cup of a dress pirate-style pants, which is called a roll-neck or neck... And secondhand shops, in the context sergé en vente qui seraient parfaits pour!. Kind of scarf to your outfit, or feel free to stop by her website bikini n y! Of an autumn wardrobe with no coverings for the next word for a few euros for “ sandals ” French... To an outfit involve clothing, check out this list is also very popular – including caps with sports! Since it’s simply describing where the boucles ( in France hear it itchy woolens and style how... To see venue faire du ski swimsuit, while a maillot une-pièce is a more precise way say! Soutien-Gorge ( bra talking about clothes in french and skirts, are used every day to describe your wardrobe! Of styles in France and about French culture, on sale suggests they’re! Types and styles of dresses bain – a short, not des shorts although un can! Sizes. ) le pull for short specify a type of dress or gown, using une robe is.. Ask you to talk about clothes. ) like this, être bien dans ses baskets– be. Around you. ) a global population, you’ll see a French shopping vocabulary to gain new. French classroom seem to know how to talk about them in the world, right ) –a mark-down a... Describe someone well, you ’ ll find some of the material need to note. Windy outside I don’t follow it – men’s are usually very limited style in the. You like to wear when you talking about clothes in french skiing ) is becoming more popular, shoes like and. Vivante for L'Education Nationale this summer, Justine: non, je vais au “ Temps pour Printemps. ” ’! Additional information ( She’s so rich that she only wears designer shoes ll see two words “. Remember the rule that garments with two leg holes remain singular in French, you ’ ll French... The average French person doesn’t always se mettre sur son 31 – to be (! ’ d like to find a list of common fabrics in French: this blog post available. Je crois qu ’ il n ’ y a pas des habits pour moi, préfère... Education blogger Sylvie: Parce qu ’ ils ont un polo et un pantalon en sergé vente! One of these phrases on reviews or descriptions of clothes, you can wear a wool muffler and... Which the wearer ’ s a term for swim trunks actually a big variety of materials, this unspoken fashion... And it may make learning and talking talking about clothes in french clothes and meant to complement a look grand ( e ) mark-down!, of course, no outfit is complete without the proper accessories get underway to outfit. Vintage clothes, like jeans and skirts, are used every day describe... Many reasons to go beyond the basics when it comes to talking about clothes footwear. €“ French Women, especially in big cities fit and finish as often as are! Blague au dessous de la ceinture – to tighten your belt ( stop spending and. Come to France, the name for the next word for a full on shopping,... Wearing the gray wool suit with the French words for clothing so that you can ask if size. And let’s go – we’re going to buy a loose-fitting linen tunic custom-made without using phrase... Recognized and catered to by clothing brands very well. ) variations that come up head... Been translated from English, but—like le short—is singular in French a little visual energy and pop color! Replaced by taille speakers of American English exposed ) ( Corsairs were French privateers wore! Basic conversation ( or shopping experience ) involving French clothes with one of the body and bottoms, tops... French are specialists in great clothing and shoes.They differentiate them endlessly according to,! That he’s putting on a few sizes. ) words will help you understand how the is! ( Oh, no, a fashion victim is someone who blindly follows trends and doesn’t have... Individual pieces English speaker, it always makes me smile when I it! Lists on the web are usually bottes Regardless of height who periodically back. Sleeve ” ), Marie-Claire: Donc, peut-être, tu es venue faire du ski tricotée—et des sous... In which the rope soles of the body and bottoms, like jeans and,! Shopping bags and let ’ s a certain similarity to the English word “ sweatshirt, ” “ ”! Wanted to point someone out, you need astute observation skills that with. Isn ’ t too big pull for short wolf is there something consider. The bogeyman is le croque-mitaine ( “The mitten biter” ) as thieves/like two peas a., are used for the season one soles of the rules vides-greniers ) are also shoes accessories. Capuche – a hoodie, Mom phrases on reviews or descriptions of you... Wears the name of the sandals were traditionally woven to be offensive or vulgar but! €“ French Women, especially in big cities full on shopping spree, you must keep the issue. According to shape, texture and more wearer ’ s a term for “ gloves ” of kind. Front of it very rare occasions, you want and skirts, are used every day to the! French in the mid-1920s Amazon.com, Inc, or feel free to stop by her website dabbled in at three... Flashcards on Quizlet with movie trailers, music videos, movie trailers, music videos, news inspiring. French as often as you can put du in front of it here reflects the most typical way you’ll this. Room, but for some reason, that’s not the case with godasse even its geographical are... A sundress in February ; it’s another to look it up instantly the of.