Bird watching is a great pastime on a cold winter day. These logs come with holes drilled through them and you just push in suet plugs. Now drill a third 1/8″ pilot hole between the two screws and insert the steel screw hook. Log In to Shop . $39.99 . If you have any comments or questions, you can leave them in the comments section below or you can email us at [email protected] FYI, we do not collect or share email addresses. It is used in many traditional Brittish recipes. If you’re looking for a book that features something a little on the lighter side, you may want to try the “The Field Guide to Dumb Birds of North America“. Suet has a melting point … Suet comes in a range of blends and is molded into many different shapes and sizes. It is made of a hardy resin that mimics a log which gives birds a natural suet cylinder feeding experience. DYPSFS. Remember it is the squirrel's weight that triggers the closing mechanism so if a squirrel can reach over from a nearby foothold and avoid placing its weight on the feeder, it will be able to access the suet cake. This commission helps to support our blog, so we can continue to offer our readers free recipes and home project ideas! I’ve seen birch, poplar, and cedar used. Use your hatchet or machete to split the 8″ piece of wood in half. An auger bit or paddle bit will work best for this application. Our locally-made Suet Log Bird Feeder is the most popular suet feeder in our Wild Birds Unlimited shop. Wrap a length of wire round each end of the log. Here’s why choosing this particular suet feeder may be your BEST choice. I recommended using the 2″ hook so its long enough to thread into the main body of the feeder, not just the top. Use the 1/8″ drill bit to drill two pilot holes in the top piece about 3/4″ apart. Simply set the hatchet or machete on the centerline of the wood and gently tap it with a hammer. All are equally valuable to birds, but not all will fit in the same types of suet feeders. Choice Hot Pepper Suet Log 48/Pack. Sales Price: $24.95 Product details. This Suet Log Feeder has a contrasting green painted roof and also comes with a rustic rope hanger to make it easy to hang up on a branch or hanging bracket. It’s even easier to attract suet-eating birds such as woodpeckers, nuthatches and chickadees to your bird feeding station. Log In to Shop . Large Cake Suet Cage withCopper Top (SE123) $20.00. While feeding suet to backyard birds can be a great way to offer them fantastic nutrition and energy, if it is not offered properly it can cause problems. 24/Pack. Fortunately, conscientious birders can easily overcome the most common problems with feeding suet. The density, firmness, and consistency of the suet depends on the initial quality of the suet, how carefully it is rendered, its purity, and any extra ingredients such as seeds, nuts, insects, or fruit. *Best squirrel proof suet feeder. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. of clearance around the feeder. There are four main types of suet feeders that are popular for offering suet to birds. That combination seems to draw in a wide variety of birds. Learn how to make a Suet log feeder by selecting a log and drilling holes in it. Features textured surface to resemble tree bark with built-in tail prop area to accommodate larger woodpeckers. Measures 3-1/2-inch diameter by 16-inch height. Amazon has a nice selection of bird books to choose from for the bird lover. That spray would also work on your bird feeders. With the top secured, all that’s left to do is insert the two 1/4″ dowels in for the perches. Melissa Mayntz has been a birder and wild bird enthusiast for 30+ years. Attach the top piece with the two drywall screws. Enjoy hot cocoa or a cup of coffee while watching them come and go. Fill with any 3 oz. Attractor Woodpecker Suet Log Bird Feeder w/ Suet. Stainless Steel Suet Feeder. suet logs, suet logs sold separately. With a few simple hand tools, you can transform that piece of wood into a feeder the birds will love. Regular price: $35.95. Recycled plastic suet bird feeder will not warp, split, crack or fade, and inhibits bacteria growth with its non-porous surface. Made of quality ingredients. One of their best sellers is “National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America“. Before buying, or making, a new suet log feeder, make sure the diameter of the openings is the same size as the most common paper tube rolls available. It covers 150 of the most common species of bird you’re likely to encounter. All Woodpecker Suet Log feeders are made from recycled trees cut from forest fire areas. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); We are a participant in affiliate advertising programs designed to provide a means for us to earn commissions by linking to affiliate sites. Suet is the raw, hard fat that’s found around the loins and kidneys in beef and mutton. WBU Suet Cylinder Log Feeder : This beautiful suet cylinder feeder is made of a hardy resin to mimic a log and give birds a natural suet cylinder feeding experience. Check out our log suet feeder selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our feeders & birdhouses shops. The one downside of suet log feeders is that the suet logs cost about twice as much as the suet cakes or more. While many birders may prefer one type of suet holder, using several types of feeders will attract even more suet-loving birds that have different feeding preferences. HANGING THE WOODPECKER LOG. Attracts woodpeckers, flickers, chickadees, titmice and more. Learn tips for creating your most beautiful (and bountiful) garden ever. / 47cm. A special treat for suet-loving birds, like woodpeckers and bluebirds. In one hour you can completely build this bird feeder. What Is Suet? Starting Piece of Wood Tools and Materials Needed I hang a Suet Log here in the Fall and Winter time and Hummingbird Feeder there in the Spring and Summer time. … Four holes are drilled completely through the log—pack one whole suet plug into each hole creating 8 feeding stations. Cakes, balls, and plugs are the most familiar suet options, but crumbles, shreds, and shavings are also available, as are a range of seasonal novelty suet shapes such as wreaths, hearts, and bells. Finally, consider a suet log feeder. Squirrel Buster Suet Squirrel-proof Suet Bird Feeder. BE141. Squirrel Buster Woodpecker Feeder. Feeding and watching the birds truly is a great pastime for everyone. Lay the log on the ground. Hi, we’re Barry and Cindy Robison.  We are the creators of the DIY blog “Our Recipes For Success”.  Our goal is to help inspire you to take on those DIY projects you’ve been putting off.  We’ll share our knowledge and experiences from creating a variety of home projects, recipes, and from enjoying some of our favorite hobbies.  Come join us to see what we have to offer. Mammoth Tail Prop Suet Feeder. Many birders even make their own suet with customized blends best suited to their area and favorite birds. What’s the best way to attract birds? Includes eye hook for hanging with easy feeding from all eight feeding ports. Store bought suet feeders consist of a wire mesh cage or plastic mesh bag with a cake of hardened suet placed inside. Here is the suet log recipe we use and the birds love it. Suet is an excellent source of high calorie energy for birds, but it can also be messy and difficult to offer if it is not used in appropriate feeders or suet holders. Bird Feeder Hanging Metal Tube Suet Log Feeder for Outdoor with Steel Hanger Peanut, Nuts, Sunflower Seed Feeder, Water Resistant Great for Attracting Wild, Humming Birds Set of 3 (Green) 4.2 out of 5 stars 46. Add to Cart. The next suet log bird feeder I make will have that size of openings. After the two 1-1/4″ suet holes and the 1/4″ perch holes are drilled, it’s time to attach the top. I also Hang a Suet Log during ALL months Paper towels and toilet paper tubes are both 1-1/2″ in diameter. Each unique log is hand made out of recycled wood, approximately 12" long, and comes with pre-drilled 1-1/2" holes for packing suet. That’s all there is to it! Features. The good news is there are easy, inexpensive recipes to make your own suet logs. very straight and an 8″ piece should split very easily and straight. It will attract many different kinds of birds. River Wanderer / Flickr / Used With Permission.