And here is assurance given of salvation out of captivity. This is to be applied to Christ. In the act of wickedness. Isaiah 48:22. "A sinner can have no peace at the judgment bar of God; he can have no peace in hell." This world can furnish no such joys as are derived from the hope of a life to come. 14 Young, The New International Commentary of the Old Testament: The Book of Isaiah, III:197. If their sins had not turned them away, their peace should have been always flowing and abundant. Pleasures 'pall upon the sense,' riches take wings; disappointment comes; and the highest earthly and sensual pleasure leaves a sad sense of want - a feeling that there is something in the capacities and needs of the undying mind which has not been filled. But that is not peace, anymore than sterility is fruitfulness; or than death is life; or than the frost of winter is the verdure of spring; or than a desert is a fruitful field. were destroyed, and they carried captive, and scattered up and And the necessity of this commination appears from the event; for the Jews that returned to Canaan did, for the most part, relapse to many of their former sins, and therefore fell short of that peace and prosperity which otherwise they might have enjoyed. 2 For they call themselves after the holy city, g and stay themselves on the God of Israel; the Lord of hosts is his name. Jews in the times of Christ and his apostles, who disbelieved the Isaiah 48:21. There is every probability that his mind will be often filled with alarm, and that his deathbed will be one of despair. Isaiah 48:1-22 Israel Refined for God's Glory. Commentary on Isaiah 48:16-22 (Read Isaiah 48:16-22) The Holy Spirit qualifies for service; and those may speak boldly, whom God and his Spirit send. To the transgressor of the laws of God there can be no permanent peace, enjoyment, or prosperity. This sentiment occurs not unfrequently in Isaiah. The wicked will be purged out before the kingdom of peace is established (Zech. They probably formed connections there, amassed wealth, and refused to attend those who returned to Judea to rebuild the temple. The word peace is used in the Scriptures in all these senses (see the note at Isaiah 48:18). the next chapter begins, listen, O isles, unto Whom God redeems, he teaches; he teaches to profit by affliction, and then makes them partakers of his holiness. 1. Just as God sends trials and tribulations to us to help steer us back to Him, this warning was another attempt to get the people of Israel to return to him. Gill's Exposition of the Entire BibleThere is no peace, saith the Lord, unto the wicked,.... To Nebuchadnezzar and his seed, says Jarchi; to the Babylonians, say Aben Ezra and Kimchi; who enjoyed no more peace and prosperity, being conquered by Cyrus, and their monarchy dissolved, and put an end to: but rather this is to be understood of the wicked among the Jews; which sense Aben Ezra mentions, though he prefers the former; and either those are meant, who refused to go out of Babylon, and the land of Chaldea, when they might, but continued among an idolatrous people, and therefore are threatened with want of peace and prosperity; or rather the Jews in the times of Christ and his apostles, who disbelieved the Messiah, despised his Gospel, and rejected his ordinances; the consequence of which was, they had no peace, no outward prosperity, but all the reverse; their nation, city, and temple, were destroyed, and they carried captive, and scattered up and down in the world; nor any inward spiritual peace, nor eternal happiness; for blaspheming and contradicting the word of the Gospel, and putting it away from them, they judged themselves unworthy of everlasting life; and the apostles were bid to turn from them to the Gentiles, and preach the Gospel to them; hence the next chapter begins, listen, O isles, unto me, &c.; see Luke 19:4.